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Back in the days of 56K, marketers didn’t waste time on video marketing. They invested in online banner advertising. For that period, it was okay. After all, who would want to sit for hours to download a video ad? Of course, these days, if you had to ask, “Why video?” people would wonder where you’ve been in the last five years. Let’s take a look at why video is essential for your marketing success.

Video is Where Your Customers Are

The thing is your customers are everywhere. If you’re already covered when it comes to Social Media Sites, great. But you can’t forget about YouTube. Or its over 1.8 billion users per month. Think about how many potential clients you’re missing out on. Producing video content will solve that problem. This is one of the reasons why video marketing is important. Sure, video production often requires more resources. But if you can double your ROI with it, then it’s well worth it.

Using Video for Marketing is Great for SEO

When people get started on SEO, there’s one advice they’ll always hear from the pros. It’s all about content being king. But these days, content has evolved to mean more than the words you have on your website. It’s also more than your other online assets. When marketers think content, they consider all forms including video. Besides, if you’re after engagement alone, you have to know that most people prefer to watch a video. Think about it. Would you rather watch a video or read a long blog post (unless the blog post is super compelling, of course)?

So how does that help your SEO efforts? Simple. When people spend time watching videos on your site, Google will take a note of it. It will see that your site offers valuable content. And that does a lot for your rankings.

Tracking Results and Optimization Are Easier

Go over your latest blog posts. Do you know if visitors to your blog re-read your posts? What about your Facebook posts? Can you point out which paragraphs got the most re-reads? With text-based content, drilling down to these metrics is difficult. Not with video though. Aside from the number of times watched, you can measure the click-through rate. You can also take note of the drop-off points. And that means you know exactly how to optimize your next videos. Was it the special effects? The script? The music? You can experiment with those optimization opportunities to make your next videos better.

Video is Versatile

When you have a new product or service launching, what marketing initiatives do you think of? Maybe, you’ll write a blog post about it. Or maybe you’ll send out an email to your subscribers.

Another thing you could do is to tap your social media pages. Now, while all these are good marketing initiatives, why not video? A demo video of your new product or service is something you can post on your blog. You can also post it on your social media accounts. Video content is versatile because it can support your other marketing initiatives. It could also be the main focus of your campaigns.

Why Video and How Can We Help?

Now that you know why video is essential to your marketing strategy, we’re here to offer help. We know that video production is a lot to take on especially if you don’t have experience in any of it. That’s why we have made the process easier for our Blog readers. Please Check our Professional Sales Video Production Service for more help with your Video needs.

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