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How to remove toxic backlinks

How to Remove Toxic Backlinks from your Website Cost-effectively?

How to remove toxic backlinks from your Site and When to remove them? You may need to remove your toxic unwanted backlinks for several reasons : (1) you suspect an algorithmic penalty, (2) you have an unnatural links warning from Google in your Google Search Console, (3) you have an active Webmaster warning and an active penalty, (4) you are not ranking well and suspect that it is the result of your black-hat links building activities. In any of these aforementioned cases, you have to remove your toxic links and do it fast. Google has mapped out the procedure to get rid of those unwanted toxic backlinks. If you are not an expert in bad backlinks removal, let us do it for you cleanly and quickly. If you attempt to use black-hat strategies or some shortcuts to remove your toxic backlinks, you will fail and may never recover from your Google penalties. Buy this Package and let us work for you. You may also be interested in our Citation Cleanup Service
Links Cleanup
Small Package
Key Features
For websites that need cleaning WITHOUT an active Webmaster Warning or Penalty.
Backlinks Cleanup : 2,000 Links or less.
Backlinks Removal : Up to 400 Links.
Reconsideration Requests : No Request !
Miscellaneous : Buy the Medium or Large Package if you have an active Webmaster Warning or Penalty from Google !
Links Cleanup
Medium Package
Key Features
For websites that have an active Webmaster Warning OR Penalty.
Backlinks Cleanup : 7,500 Links or less.
Backlinks Removal : Up to 600 Links.
Reconsideration Requests : One Request !
Miscellaneous : One (01) reconsideration request on Website Penalty after link detox. Link Cleanup Medium is hassle-free !
Links Cleanup
Large Package
Key Features
For websites that have an active Webmaster Warning AND an active Penalty.
Backlinks Cleanup : 15,000 Links or less.
Backlinks Removal : Up to 1,000 Links.
Reconsideration Requests : Two Requests !
Miscellaneous : Two (02) reconsideration requests on website Penalty after link detox. This is the most complete Package !

How it Works ?


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Want to know how to remove toxic backlinks from your Website and regain your lost ranking ? Just purchase a Link cleanup Package and we’ll get back to you for the next steps.

Extensive Audit

We analyze all active backlinks and create a thorough audit, identifying all toxic backlinks and domains that must be removed.

Toxic links removal

We follow the path that Google has laid out to remove your toxic backlinks.

Links Clean Up Packages & Prices

Service Code


Service Name

Link Clean Up Small Package : 2,000 historical backlinks and a removal of up to 400 links.

Link Clean Up Medium Package : 7,500 historical backlinks and a removal of up to 600 links.

Link Clean Up Large Package : 15,000 historical backlinks and a removal of up to 1,000 links.

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How to remove toxic backlinks F.A.Q

How can I know if my site needs a link Clean Up ?

Want to know if your Site needs a link Cleanup or How to remove toxic backlinks from your Websites? This is what we recommend :

  • Have a link clean up when you suspect an algorithmic penalty and if there are unnatural links warning.
  • Check your Google Search Console regularly to see if you have any penalty.

In any of these cases, get in touch with us and we’ll help you!

How soon can I recover from a Google Penalty ?

Unfortunately, the time frame of your Google penalty recovery depends on your case. Some sites are able to recover from a Google penalty in mere weeks while others take years to clean their backlink portfolio and eventually be able to lift Google’s penalty.

What is a disavow ?

  • A disavow is the removing of toxic links in your website.
  • Google allows webmasters to submit a disavow list. These are normally links that you have already reached out to but are unresponsive to your request to take down the offending link.

What is involved in a link Clean Up campaign ?

Link Cleanups involve emailing all the webmasters of sites with the offending parties and then working with Google to remove the links or reduce the links from websites that are unresponsive. For a lot of sites this entails sending thousands of emails to take down links created from bad SEO.