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100% Done-For-You Complete SEO Package to Increase your Sales

SEO can sometimes be a puzzle or an obstacle course if you decide to do it yourself. That’s why we’ve set this powerful and very aggressive SEO package to help you with all your SEO needs & tasks. It is indeed a 100% Managed SEO. We’ll manage everything for you : from thorough On-Page Optimization to complete Off-Page Optimization & Links building in order to help you rank high in Search Engines. This hands-free Managed SEO Package will help you increase drastically your Traffic, make your brand known and thus, achieve all your business goals. Our main strategy to rank your Site high & fast is a combination of diversity Links, Guest Posts (High Authority Links) and Premium Blogging (Optimized Blog Content), all customized for your goals and needs. We can manage all kinds of businesses under the sun. If you need local customers we will implement a powerful Local SEO for you; if you rather need customers all around the world, we’ll be pleased to implement an aggressive Organic SEO for you. After choosing a Package, you will tell us what your main marketing goals are and we will act accordingly.

Managed SEO
▪ We have 10 starting Packages : Managed 1,000 – Managed 2,000 – Managed 3,000 – Managed 4,000 – Managed 5,000 – Managed 6,000 – Managed 7,000 – Managed 8,000 – Managed 9,000 – Managed 10,000.
▪ Packages Features : Dedicated SEO Manager, Website Audit, Advanced Competitive Keyword Research, On-Page Optimization, Powerful Links building, Premium Content creation, Keywords & Analytics tracking, all with our best-in-the-business staff & support.
▪ Our state of the art SEO Experts : Over years we’ve formulated a proven strategy that works. We are leaders in the SEO industry, serving Fortune 500 companies and businesses of all types and sizes. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned and put it into our Managed SEO product. Our Managed SEO Service is the culmination of all our data, expertise and experience.
▪ All-inclusive SEO Service : Managed SEO is an all inclusive service that gets you targeted traffic from search engines – all built for you. We’ve seen & experienced over the past years that Authority Links + Weekly Blog Content of 1,000 words work awesomely for getting massive quality traffic to your Website. Google loves Links & Authoritative SEO Optimized Content. This is why we included Blog Content & Link Building as a key part of our Managed SEO ranking Strategy.
Managed SEO
Transparent Prices : All our Prices are transparent. In fact, we don’t charge any Management Fee. All the money you pay goes towards your SEO Campaign. The money you pay is your Campaign monthly budget. 100% of your monthly budget goes to product deliverables such as powerful diverse Links building, High authority Guest Posts Links & Optimized Blog content. For example, if you subscribe to a Managed 8,000 Package, all the Money you’ll pay every month, will be used for these product deliverables until you cancel your Subscription : Authority Links building (worth $2,000) + 8 Guest Posts DA 10+ ($150 x 8 = $1,200) + 8 Guest Posts DA 20+ ($250 x 8 = $2,000) + 4 Guest Posts DA 30+ (350 x 4 = $1,400) + 12 SEO optimized 1,000 words blog posts ($125 x 12 = $1,500) + Link boosters (worth $1,000) + One time One-Page SEO. The total value of product deliverables going into a Managed 8,000 Package is at least $9,100 (far beyond the $8,000 you will pay every Month) !!!
No Contract : There is no contract, however, we encourage everyone to stick on for at least 6 months to see excellent results. That said, you can start seeing results after 3 months. All depend on the state of your Site when we start working on it : new website or site already appearing in search results ? You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

How it Works ?


Order Managed SEO

Just purchase one of our Manged SEO Packages (Check our Prices below), then provide us with some information about your business.

Extensive Audit

We will audit your entire website, perform a thorough Keyword Research and implement our Managed SEO strategies to get you massive targeted traffic.

On-going Optimization

Every single month, we’ll diversify your Links and create awesome authoritative content that Google loves in order to improve your ranking. we advise you to stick on, for at least 6 months, to see the full results of the SEO aggressive job we’ll do for you.

Managed SEO Packages & Prices

Service Code


Service Name

«Managed 1,000» SEO Package

«Managed 2,000» SEO Package

«Managed 3,000» SEO Package

«Managed 4,000» SEO Package

«Managed 5,000» SEO Package

«Managed 6,000» SEO Package

«Managed 7,000» SEO Package

«Managed 8,000» SEO Package

«Managed 9,000» SEO Package

«Managed 10,000» SEO Package

Service Price

$1,000 / Mo
$2,000 / Mo
$3,000 / Mo
$4,000 / Mo
$5,000 / Mo
$6,000 / Mo
$7,000 / Mo
$8,000 / Mo
$9,000 / Mo
$10,000 / Mo
NB : $400  should be added to the first monthly payment as one time set up fees, which are the same for all Managed SEO Packages.
Need a more powerful Plan? We have you covered. Contact Us to know more about our Managed 15,000 – Managed 20,000  Managed 25,000 – Managed 30,000 –  Managed 40,000 – Managed 50,000 – Managed 60,000 Success Building Packages. Thank you.
 If you can’t afford a Subscription Package at the moment, Check this One-time Professional SEO Service. But when you’re ready, go for a Monthly Subscription Package because SEO should be an on-going activity in order to keep driving traffic onto your Site.