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Citation Cleanup Service : We Fix All your Bad Citations that Prevent you from Ranking High Locally

Did you move, change business names, or get a new phone number? Let us fix your Local Listing for you, otherwise you’ll stop ranking locally and your business will no more receive Calls, Foot traffic and Sales. In fact, if you have inconsistent or incorrect citations (local listings) it can hurt your ability to rank – AND send customers to the wrong places. This can happen if your business changes address, you get a new phone number, you have variations of your name or local aggregators pick up the wrong information and distribute it. By fixing these incorrect listings, we’ll get your ranking health back to good standing. If you do have bad Citations, our Citation Cleanup Service is what you need most. We also offer Link Cleanup & other Local Listings Services.
How Do We Fix
Bad Local Citations ?

Correcting citations is very important, however it’s an extremely tedious process. To get things corrected, we manually reach out to directories with the correct information. This usually takes multiple rounds of manual outreach. Thankfully, we’ve done this thousands of times with a great success and we can do the same for you in order to crush your competitors. We essentially do all the hard work for you, and give you a pretty report at the end.

Important Note About
Citation Cleanup Service
 During this campaign, we will impersonate your brand. We will make Calls or send emails to the appropriate directories as if we were you. We have tested many outreach templates and we have found the best performing template comes from the angle of “working for the company” which is why we do things this way. You may receive additional calls or emails from data aggregators or directories for verification, so it’s important to be on the lookout.

How it Works ?


Select a Package

Just purchase a Package and we’ll start working for you. We’ll need  a few details about your Company (name, address, phone numbers, emails, etc.)

Complete Audit

We’ll do a complete Audit of your existing Citations. Then we’ll start the tedious manual outreach work.

Cleanup & Report

Thanks to our advanced procedures, we are able to correct citations in a short time. Here’s what you get : first we complete a citation audit, then we identify all the incorrect information, we manually reach out to each site, we monitor the corrections and keep track and finally we deliver you a detailed report of everything we did for you.

Citation Cleanup Service Package & Price

Service Code


Service Name

Local Citation Cleanup
One Time Cost
Complete Audit of All existing Citations
We Fix 70 – 90% Citations
We Provide a detailed Report

Service Price


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you check the data aggregators ?

Yes, we visit Acxiom, Neustar Localeze, Infogroup, Factual and even Foursquare !

Do you fix all citations ?

With our Citation Cleanup Service, we are typically able to fix 70-90% or more citations. With that said, we don’t own or control these sites so there are times when we can’t guarantee they will be fixed. The sites we can’t fix are usually low-tier and have little impact on rankings.

Am I paying per business or location ?

You are paying per location, or per NAP.

Will you add pictures / change around my existing profiles ?

It’s hard to guarantee acceptance with this type of campaign as it’s 100% manual.

How do you get around doing phone confirmations ?

Some sites require phone verification, but most do not. If a site requires phone verification it will be noted in our transparent reporting.